Intel® Z77 Chipset Based

• OC Certified: Military Class Burn-in Test Passed
• Military Class III components: Top quality & stability
• OC Genie II: Auto OC to boost performance in 1 sec
• Click BIOS II: Easy-to-use UEFI BIOS interface
• THX TruStudio PRO: deliver the fullest audio experience
• Support Bluetooth & Wi-Fi


OC Certified

OC Certified is an all-new standard for overclocking stability and a major extension of MSI's Military Class certification. OC Certified is MSI's overclocking testing procedure to gurantee stable overclocking results. The Military Class burn-in test for OC Certified is the 24-hour Prime95 burn-in test with a liquid-cooled overclocked CPU.

- Military Class Burn-in Test Passed
- Higher Performance
- Enhanced PWM Cooling
- Better Power Stability

Military Class Burn-in Test
24-hour Prim95 burn-in test with a liquid-cooled overclocked CPU

Higher Performance


Enhanced PWM Cooling


Better Power Stability


Military Class III

MSI motherboards maintains the commitment to product stability and reliability by introducing Military Class III components! In addition to the use of Hi-c CAP, SFC, and Solid CAP, MSI now incorporates DrMOS II, the next-generation DrMOS that provides an integrated Double Thermal Protection to maximize the lifespan of components. All Military Class III components have passed MIL-STD-810G certification, making MSI's Military Class III components synonymous with premium quality and ultimate stability.



SLI technology allows using multiple Nvidia graphics cards in a single computer system with a motherboard equipped with an nForce SLI MCP. Users need an a motherboard with two PCI-Express 16x graphics slots and two matching GeForce graphics cards which are "SLI Ready". Most NVIDIA's PCI-Express graphics cards starting from the 6600 GPU can enjoy the benefits of SLI.


AMD CrossFireX

AMD CrossFireX™ is the ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform. Enabling game-dominatig power, AMD CrossFireX technology enables two or more discrete graphics processors to work together to improve graphics performance. AMD CrossFireX technology allows you to expand your system’s graphics capabilities. It allows you the ability to scale your system’s graphics horsepower as you need it, supporting up to four AMD Radeon™ HD graphics cards, making it the most scalable gaming platform ever. With an AMD CrossFireX gaming technology, the traditional graphics limitation exists no more, allowing you to enjoy higher performance as well as visual experience.


APS (Active Phase Switching)

Active Phase Switching, APS, technology is an intelligent design that helps to save energy on MSI’s motherboards. The underlying idea is to switch off the power supply as soon as no electricity is needed, and when the system needs more resources again, APS will automatically adjust electricity supply accordingly. APS will automatically detect your processor’s loading at any given time and save energy accordingly. This is only possible by means of a very advanced power controlling technology. Other than software-based solutions, APS technology stands out from MSI's own research. The specially developed IC chip can operate automatically depending on the demands of the power supply, which is to reduce the total power usage. 


World’s 1st PCI Express Gen 3 motherboard brand

With ultra-high 32GB/s transfer bandwidth, PCI Express Gen 3 provides a 2X faster transfer rate than the previous generation, this delivers amazing capabilities for true next generation extreme gaming.

- 2X bandwidth
- Increased efficiency and compatibility
- Extreme performance for current and next gen PCI Express cards



Uncompromised Game Response Performance
Boosts gaming responsiveness performance by intelligently reducing redundant rendering tasks in the flow between the CPU, GPU and the display.

 Boosts responsiveness to the game at any frame rate
- Improves gaming frame rates
- Increases Vsync frame rates
- Sharpens visual quality without tearing
- Works seamlessly with hundreds of game stations


THX TruStudio PRO

THX is a trade mark of a high-end audio/visual reproduction standard for movies, home theaters, computer speakers and other audio devices. THX Certified Audio products are designed to let users experience movies & videos as live show. The true sound effect can make high definition video more powerful.

- A high-fidelity sound reproduction standard
- Accurately reproduce the fullest audio experience of movie, music and game soundtracks



MSI introduces the SuperPipe cooling design that utilizes 8mm full copper heat-pipe, 60% thicker than traditional pipes, and is also the thickest heat-pipe in the market.  According to tests, the MSI motherboards with SuperPipe run 50℃ cooler than those without, proving that MSI’s SuperPipe offers the most effective chipset cooling in the market.
- 8mm Extra Thick HeatPipe
- 60% Thicker Than Traditional HeatPipe
- Thickest HeatPipe Used on Motherboard


V-Check Points

The V-Check Points function provide power measurement pins for users to  measure the CPU and RAM voltages with a multimeter. The feature can help save advanced overclockers valuable time by eliminating the need for manual circuit modification. The feature can be indispensable during overclocking competitions.


Gaming Optimized

Increasing the thickness of the gold-plated layer in the 2-in-1 PS2 and optimized USB ports to 30um to meet the demand of professional gamers. Besides enhancing mouse sensitivity in games, these improved interfaces deliver a longer lifespan and better stability of connectors and total solution for e-sports mouse control in UEFI BIOS.


Super Charger

Mobile consumer appliances are getting more and more attention in current day fast moving life style, with smart phones and tablets almost becoming a fashion accessory. However, many ordinary personal computers cannot charge some of these devices, making it difficult to stay connected.  The MSI Super Charger is a Windows resident program capable of revising the power supply mode of your USB port to become more powerful. Once your phone or tablet is connected to your USB port, the Super Charger sends a signal to initiate its charging circuit, making it a really smart and convenient charging solution for mobile computing needs.

- Instant MB info monitor
- Green Power: CPU Phase, system fan speed controlled with max power saving
- Smart Mode: 4 instant OC modes


USB 3.0

Compared to the 480Mbps provided by traditional USB 2.0, the all-new USB 3.0's 5Gb/s offers 10 times the transfer bandwidth, so transferring a Blu-ray movie takes less than one minute. MSI also has implemented a front panel USB 3.0 port, making the use of an external USB 3.0 device even more convenient.

- 10X Faster Than USB 2.0
- Up to 5Gb/s Data Transfer Bandwidth
- World’s first to provide Front Panel USB 3.0 Port
- Boost Transfer Rate Between Your PC and External Storage Devices


SATA 6Gb/s

SATA 6Gb/s provides double the bandwidth of traditional SATA 3Gb/s, and increases the data transfer rate between your motherboard and internal storage devices, such as 7200RPM HDDs, 10000RPM HDDs and SSDs. It’s also the current trend for upcoming high-speed internal storage devices to to break the existing bottleneck of a PC’s performance.

- 2X Faster Than SATA 3Gb/s
- Up to 6Gb/s Data Transfer Bandwidth
- Unleash True Performance of New HDDs/SSDs


HDMI v1.4

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is new generation fully digital video/audio interface which can transfer 1080p High-Definition video and Audio output in single compact connector. Supporting HDCP copy protection such as Blu-ray Discs, HDMI provides you with the highest-quality home theater experience.

- Next-Gen Multimedia Interface
- Deliver Full HD Video & Audio output In Only One Cable
(HDMI 1.4 is only supported with 2nd Intel®Generation CoreTM Processors. Pentium and Celeron Processors support HDMI 1.3)


3TB+ Infinity

3TB+ Infinity is not only breaking through the limit of traditional BIOS, but also enhancing the utilization of hard drives efficiently. In addition to supporting the latest 3TB hard drives, MSI 3TB+ Infinity technology can use the 3TB hard drive as boot disk when installing a 64-bit operating system. Compared to competitors, MSI 3TB+ Infinity is an industry-leading technology which substantially presents an advantage of development and application in the future.

- All the latest 3TB hard drivers on the market can be supported
- Make the 3TB hard drive as boot disk when installing a 64-bit operating system


Command Center

Command Center is MSI's exclusive wireless motherboard overclocking software for iOS. Co-developed and designed between MSI and the famous software engineer, Nick Connors, Command Center is the first software to enable monitoring, overclocking and overvoltage of motherboards wirelessly through mobile device, allowing users to control main settings of the motherboard anywhere and at anytime. This software also supports multimedia interactions with video control playback. 





Remote Control


Instant OC

• Instant MB info monitor
• Intelligently auto set clock/voltage of CPU and memory
• Smart Mode: 4 instant OC modes


Live Update 5

MSI Live Update 5 is a powerful and useful application for updating the latest BIOS and Drivers, saving you time and lowers the risk of updating. End-users can install and run the Live Update 5 software on their computers with the companion CD or downloading the app from the MSI website.

- Automatically Detect the BIOS/Driver/VGA/Utility Update
- Support Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 32Bit



Compared to common motherboard which need extra BIOS chips, MSI’s M-Flash has a double advantage which doesn’t need extra components and secondly, all your BIOS data will be saved in the USB drive. The stored data does not only have backup and upgrade function, moreover it can also be seen as a portable BIOS chip which is actually able to boot up your PC.

- Backup/Restore Your BIOS to/from Any USB Flash Disk
- Avoid Unnecessary Repair Due to Accident Failures During The Upgrading Process
- Earn more BIOS Lifespan by Reducing Unnecessary Rewriting Process


Winki 3

Winki 3 is a free Linux-based O/S which is based on the Linux core. With an ultra-fast  booting speed and a multi-language interface, the built-in Winki 3 provides an easy-to-use internet environment that includes the most popular functions such as internet surfing, web mail, instant messaging, picture browsing, and more. It's the most practical way to be online in the shortest time.

- User friendly & totally free applications
- Power on to run applications in 25 seconds
- Multi-language interface support


OC Genie II

OC Genie II provides an instant performance boost, optimizing CPU, memory, integrated graphics, and storage device performance with the function enabled.


- Overclock in one second
- At least 36% boost in 3D gaming performance
- Simple and easy – No need for complex BIOS setting and extra equipment
  *Features may vary according to your platform and model.


World’s 1st UEFI and software graphical user interface

MSI ClickBIOS II provides a consistent user interface both in the UEFI BIOS and in Windows, it provides the most convenient way for users to control system settings and supports touchscreen control.

- Graphical User Interface, with touchscreen support
- Simply click or touch and move to change settings
- Full system control, including overclocking, security and information


MSI Reminds You...

  1. The specifications may differ from areas and we keep the right to change without notice. Please check the specific Specification with your local dealers.
  2. The color of the product might be affected by photography and the monitor's setting, which might be different from the real product.
Golden Bear Award
Gold award
Besides its OC features. the Z77 MPOWER is a rock solid mainboard that attracts attention by ist design and features. The matt black PCB and its yellow elements go along perfectly with the current Lightning graphics cards. Also. the equipment with Wifi and Bluetooth make the board a good choice for everyday usage.
Editor's choice
MSI Z77 MPower stands out from the mass of decisions on the Intel Z77 chipset. the presence of a large number of ports USB 3.0. proprietary technologies. support for wireless technologies. In this case. the manufacturer managed to maintain a reasonable cost. The board is made up. on-board high-quality cooling system and a power converter.
Editor's choice
MSI has with its Big Bang Z77 MPOWER produced a nice mainboard that lives up to its name. You get good performance and a long list of features.
Silver Award
Platinum Award
“the motherboard had always impeccable behavior showing extreme strength and stability„ “Surely commendable the presence of a double-bios that puts the user safe from any damage related to a flash wrong.„
Recommended Award
Czech Republic
“But price also reflects the fact that although the board by MSI presented as a model for the OC enthusiast. this is not a board for extreme OC and not so extreme OC gear. but that home users and enthusiasts from all clocking actually does not matter. Rather save = very extreme for the widget to the normal OC at home definitely do not need. All in all so true mainly for the extra quality processing and in this respect we really like the price. Equipment is in our view sufficient and nothing missing from it. including integrated WiFi / BT.„ top quality and excellent processing at a decent price sufficient equipment in svšech directions. including WIFI and BT Rich options and easy access to clock
Tip - buy
“MSI Z77 MPOWER offered at a price very decent gear and interesting potential for overclocking. Price-performance ratio is one of the best we've had in similar boards to see. Using MPOWER. you can put together a powerful computer with i7 processor as good as a slower piece to help break the 4 GHz threshold.„
the Madshrimps High End
“The layout of the board is well designed. providing it's end user with a clean socket area for easy insulation. widely spaced PCI-Express slots.„ “The presence of power/reset & clear Cmos buttons. an easily switchable dual BIOS is provided and the Direct2Bios is a feature we would like all manufacturers to implement.„
Excellent Award
“Regarding performance. the Z77 MPOWER delivers excellent results and it provides a solid BIOS.„ “We won’t consider the Z77 MPOWER a luxury board for extreme overclockers aiming to achieve world records. but rather as a solid overclocking boiard with godd equipment and an excelent price-performance ratio. This makes the Z77 MPOWER one of the most intersting mainboards in the midrange segment. Together with a MSI graphics card of the Lightning series – which are well known for their oc potential and in addition fit perfectly to the MPOWER design – you receive a great combination for a gaming- or OC-PC at a fair price.„
the Licence to overclock
“MSI Z77 Mpower a high performance product for relatively little money. In the amount of approximately 700zł receives a solid disc. equipped with extensive power sections. consisting of high-quality components and provides a stable work computer.„ “well-designed PCB. All the expansion slots are arranged on the outer edges of the laminate. which makes them easy and convenient access. We are talking about slots fans. ports. SATA and USB 3.0. placed parallel to the laminate and buttons Power. Reset and OC Genie.
the Pricetip Award 99/2013
“The new Z77 motherboard from MSI has an overclocking Warranty: the Z77 MPOWER has run 24 hours stable with a Core i7 3770K 4.6 GHz. Letting you know exactly what you are getting.„
the Product of the Year 2012
“Each motherboard pass a 24-hour test run in complex load and challenging temperature conditions. After it receive a certificate «OC Certified». ensuring the ability to provide a stable work platform quad-core processor at 4.6 GHz.
Recommended Award
Middle East
Во-первых, автоматический разгон «нажатием одной кнопки» (как говорят в MSI), который, кстати, можно подстроить/создать профиль под свое железо. Во-вторых, хорошее расположение слотов PCI-E x16, что крайне важно. Плата позволит использовать громоздкие видеокарты, как в длину, так и в толщину, и даже в конфигурации SLI/CrossFire. В третьих, плата хороша для начинающих оверклокеров, так как она снабжена хорошей системой охлаждения и питания, плюс в наличии имеется инструкция по оверклокингу, нужно лишь знать английский язык. И последнее, подкупает наличие WiFi и Bluetooth-модулей. Избавиться в домашней сети от проводов – мечта многих. Согласитесь, для 230-долларовой платы это очень неплохо. (First, the automatic overclocking "one-button" (as they say in the MSI), which, by the way, you can customize / create a profile under your iron. Secondly, good location slots PCI-E x16, which is extremely important. Board will use bulky video cards, both in length and in width, and even the configu
Silver Award
Editior Recommended Award
Editior Recommended Award
Gold award
United Kingdom
Stock performance is excellent. and the overclocked results are up there with some of the best.
Product of the Year 2012
Ultimate Award
Editor's choice: ITC.ua
Editor's Choice Award
Middle East
  • CPU (Max Support)
  • FSB / Hyper Transport Bus
  • Chipset
    Intel® Z77
  • DDR3 Memory
    1066/1333/1600/1866*/2000*/2133*(OC), 2200*/2400*/2600*/2667*/2800*/3000*(OC, 22nm CPU required)
  • Memory Channel
  • DIMM Slots
  • Max Memory (GB)
  • PCI-Ex16
  • PCI-E Gen
    Gen3 (16, 8, 4)
  • PCI-Ex1
  • RAID
  • LAN
  • TPM
  • USB 3.0 ports (Rear)
  • USB 2.0 ports (Rear)
  • Audio ports (Rear)
    Optical SPDIF
  • DrMOS II
  • Display Port
  • HDMI
  • VGA Max Share Memory (MB)
  • DirectX
  • Form Factor
  • APS
  • SLI
  • CrossFire


1. Specifications may differ depending on your location, and we reserve the right to change without notice. Please check with your local dealers for detailed specifications.
2. Due to photography and/or monitor settings, coloration of product images may vary from actual product.