GE60 Apache Pro (GTX 960M)

  • Windows 8.1 (Free Upgrade to Windows 10 until 7/29/2016)
  • Performance gaming with NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU's
  • Limitless customization with SteelSeries Engine
  • Ready to stream with the powerful XSplit Gamecaster software
  • Expand your view and multi-task like a pro with Matrix Display
Unleash the Power
Unlock the true potential of your games with the 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor. With a 15% increase in performance when compared to the previous generation and advances in lower power consumption, dominate and play longer than ever before.
Take Advanced Desktop Gaming Performance Everywhere
Discover desktop-class gaming on a notebook with the next-generation GeForce® GTX™ 960M. Plus, Get improved battery life you need to game longer, unplugged. The GeForce® GTX™ 960M brings smooth, high-definition PC gaming performance to the notebook, driving impressive 1080p gameplay at high settings in sleek new designs

  • • Enjoy gaming grade speed with up to 2.5x faster performance than previous generation*.
  • • Step up to GeForce® GTX™ and get the power to play challenging games like Shadows of Mordor, Far Cry 4, and EVOLVE.
  • • NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture delivers advanced performance, power efficiency, and gaming features in the slimmest notebook designs.

  • *As compared to the GeForce® GTX™ 660M/GT650M respectively.
    Known for cutting-edge innovation in audio, Nahimic sound technology is renowned for its quality by the military and aeronautics industry. Now, we’re making some serious noise by bringing this technology into the world of gaming. Nahimic is all about user experience right at the heart of their software, offering the best in audio technology.
    Dynaudio Premium Speakers
    Fine tuned to perfection, fill the room with the high definition, sonically accurate speakers from Dynaudio. Immerse yourself and become a part of your games with a surround sound theatre experience with four 4.1 channel speakers and a subwoofer.
    Audio Boost
    Amplify the experience of your headset with gold plated and boosted audio jacks for higher fidelity sound quality to gain the advantage during the heat of battle.
    SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard
    Perfectly crafted, extremely accurate; the SteelSeries keyboard was designed to provide the best gaming experience with full color backlit LED lighting, completely customizable, tactile feedback and highly efficient anti-ghosting capabilities.
    Monitor, manage, and play instantly from the Dragon Gaming Center. Quick launch your favorite games and applications, check the health of your system, or access system information and background programs to easily free processing resources.
    Watch, work and play all at once with the MSI exclusive Matrix multi-monitor display. Connect up to 2 external monitors and transform your notebook into the ultimate multi-media center.
    Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC
    ntel® Dual Band Wireless-AC Play at the speed of life with Intel's 802.11 ac, dual-band, 1x1 Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth delivering extreme performance, faster speeds (up to 433 Mbps), broader coverage, and longer battery life.
    Seamlessly display video between multiple devices without cables or network connection. Share your laptop screen with a projector or external display in real-time and share your experiences, seamlessly, without the cable clutter.
    Killer™ E2200 Game Networking combines superior intelligence and control for PCs. Automatically classify and prioritize network traffic for online games, HD video and high-quality audio for better control and fewer interruptions in your online experience. Manage and configure the bandwidth of your applications with the Killer Network Manger for optimal performance.


    1. Specifications may differ depending on your location, and we reserve the right to change without notice. Please check with your local dealers for detailed specifications.
    2. Due to photography and/or monitor settings, coloration of product images may vary from actual product.
    4/5 Stars
    MSI's new 15.6-inch gaming laptop can't go toe-to-toe with behemoths from Asus, Alienware, and others (including some of MSI's own), but it will get you playing the latest games—with the graphics turned almost all the way up—for half the price.
    Este medio ha realizado una completa review sobre nuestro producto. Realiza una introducción con todas sus especificaciones, nos muestra fotos, realiza benchmarks y, por último, propone unas notas adicionales y una conclusión.
    Editor's Choice
    United Kingdom
    An extremely capable and good looking gaming laptop.
    Choice Award
    Sri Lanka
    Highlight: -The Destroyer pairs a quad-core AMD A10 processor with a Radeon M290X. This is THE most powerful graphics chipset in Sri Lanka. It combines this with a Steelseries keyboard with full-color, customizable backlighting, an IPS HD display and speakers from DynAudio, the same guys who make audio for Bugatti. -The Destroyer undercuts everything here to claim not just the throne but also the value-for-money prize. -The Apache, the ASUS’s direct competition. At Rs 10,000 less, it packs a slightly better build, very similar looks, an equally acclaimed Taiwan brand and better graphics.
    Best Performer Award
    MSI GE60 2PE stands apart as among the very best laptops that we’ve ever had the pleasure of testing.
    gold medal
    El medio nos presenta el producto con todas sus características, tanto internas como externas. Además para realiza tests para conocerlo mejor. Al final, realiza unas conclusiones y unos pros y contras sobre nuestro producto.
    This media “BenchX” makes a complete videoreview of our product. They talk about some technical features, they show very good the product to let end-users know the design about GE, and finally y they conclude the video review with their global opinion and with PROS and CONS.
    This media “Geekshardware” makes a complete review of our product. They talk about some technical features, also they make several tests, they show pictures to let end-users know the design about GE, and finally y they conclude the review with their global opinion and with PROS and CONS.
    Editor Recommended Award
    “GE70 Apache Pro breeze through suite of Real World Benchmarks with an overall score of 0.97.Gaming performance is equally impressive. The SteelSeries Scrabble-tile keyboard combines a spacious layout with great-feeling keys, and the multicoloured backlighting comes in handy when the lights go down. Nvidia’s new Battery Boost feature helps eke the most from the MSI’s battery, the GPU’s clock speeds and power requirements are adjusted on the fly to minimise power consumption. Like all gaming laptops, the MSI is expensive. It’s also given a run for its money by the considerably more compact Gigabyte P34G v2. However, if you’re on the hunt for a big-screened gaming laptop the MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro comes heartily recommended. ” Pros: Good performance Features &Design Value For Money
    4 Stars Award
    Usually gaming laptop have a big size. It is normal because gaming components take place. MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro have a decent size with good performance. With this notebook we can playing newest games with maximum setting at resolution 720p. Pros: - Steel Series Keyboard - Full HD - Graphic card Nvidia 800 series
    Outstanding Award
    Pros : ?Killer E2200 lag free for online gaming ?XSpilt GameCaster for easy setup and navigation for game casting MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro, known as a lightweight and sexy gaming notebook which combines power and portability. It has equipped with all the latest features and newest application for gamers. GE60 2PE Apache Pro still continue with its iconic Gaming ‘G’ series logo on top and some innovative features to enhance the experience for gamers such as Matrix Display features which enhance the displays on games and movies by creating better picture immersion to mimic multiple screens. Furthermore, GE60 2PE Apache Pro has assemble with all the MSI exclusive features, such as Audio Boost, Super Raid, KILLER E2200, Steelseries Keyboard. ‘MSI GE60 2PE is really a good deal especially for gamers who want to have a gaming machine that they can bring them on the go but without sacrificing performance.’
    Silver Award
    We komen dan ook snel tot de conclusie dat de GE60 2PE netjes geprijsd is door MSI. De laptop krijgt wat ons betreft dan ook een welverdiende Silver Award!
    Best Buy Award
    Editor comment : MSI GP60-1 2PE is the best choice product, cannot be missed one, if you love the game and have other jobs outside the game. Because it carries too good configuration in the price range 4700HQ Core i7, 16GB RAM, SSD RAID HDD 7200rpm for the same processing power extremely impressed with the bench in graphics and data handling capabilities as well as tasks through the hard drive. Pros: The hardware of MSI GE60 2PE is extremely good performance in all aspects. Backlight keyboard and Gaming LOGO is quite impressive. Recommend MSI individual features: Cooler Booster, and Killer Lan
    Gold Award
    MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro has overcome the size barrier by providing a light weight and sleek design and with a dragon insignia on the lid that lights up when the device is power on. Other than the pro looks, this machine also built in with the NVIDIA’s latest Maxwell mobile GPU, the GTX860M. MSI GE60 Apache Pro comes with Steelseries keyboard and some other gaming key elements, and it seems destined for gaming greatness. Last but not least, with the latest GPU, the GE60 2PE Apache Pro has achieved a Creative value of 4514 overclocked while 3DMark 8 Fire Strike reach a score of 3586. ‘This MSI entry is an impressive pieces of tech. If you want the absolute latest in gaming hardware at relatively reasonable prices, few will be able to match MSI’s current offering.’
    Gran Compra
    El GE60 Apache Pro ofrece una calidad indiscutible en diseño y acabados, muy equilibrado a nivel hardware y listo para cualquier juego; toda una gozada de usar en cualquier entorno.
    Good Award (4/5)
    De indrukwekkende specificaties scheppen verwachtingen en die weet de GE60 ook waar te maken.
    Good Award (4/5)
    “The impressive specifications creates high expectations, which the GE60 delivers.” “Most new games allow you to turn the quality to medium or high; on a full HD resolution” Jelle Stuip, Highlights -fast graphics card -Space for additional SSD
    Worth Considering
    United Kingdom
    The MSI GE60 2PE is an incredibly powerful laptop for a not-astronomical price. If you’re a gamer on the move and you have a plug handy, this one will not let you down.
    Recommended Award
    United Kingdom
    • Power-packed specification. • Beautiful screen. • All-round performance. • Very fairly priced. • Ports and connectivity options are generous. • Excellent SteelSeries Scrabble-tile keyboard. • SteelSeries Engine software provides a range of powerful keyboard customisation and macro options. • Luxurious, all-black, faux-brushed-metal finish. • Lightning-quick boot-up and application-load times. • Gaming performance is impressive.
    Worth Considering Award
    United Kingdom
    -- “The MSI GE60 2PE is an incredibly powerful laptop for a not-astronomical price. If you’re a gamer on the move and you have a plug handy, this one will not let you down.„ -- Very powerful CPU/GPU combination for gaming. -- Quality matt screen is great for use in bright environments. -- Fast RAM and SSD make for snappy system. -- Steelseries keyboard with impressive backlighting. -- Good selection of ports and accessories, built in BluRay drive.
    United Kingdom
    MSI’s new GE60 2PE Apache Pro is packed with features and effortlessly delivers great performance in the latest gaming titles.
    Gold Award
    United Kingdom
    -The build quality and attention to detail - right from the packaging through to the end product is brilliant. -We’re pleased that GE60 arrives with an assortment of handy ports, this extends the functionality and makes other activities possible such as the ability to feed the display to a trio of screens. -Excellent DYNAUDIO speakers. -SteelSeries customisable LED backlit keyboard. -On-the-fly fan controls.
    Best Buy
    Tra i gadget viene offerto un utile mouse gaming, che tra le caratteristiche di pregio può vantare un sensore da 3200 DPI
    • +  GE60 Apache Pro-867

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