Key Feature

  • Cherry MX Brown Switch
  • Red Backlight
  • Windows Key Lock
  • N-Key Rollover
  • Multimedia Hotkeys
  • Anti-slip Rubber Feet
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Braided Wire & Gold-plated Connector



Built on the popular Cherry MX brown tactile switches, the MSI GK-701 provides superb feedback and sensitive key responsiveness. In order to deliver the highest quality standards in keyboards, each key on the MSI GK-701 is created with precision laser etching for extra resistance to wear and uses 18K gold plating to increase the stability while N-key rolover makes sure that every key-press registers. A gaming red LED backlights the each individual key even after 50 Million key presses ( per key ) making them excellent for use at during day and night. A set of Multimedia hotkeys allow for quick volume adjustments and playback control. The ergonomic and rugged key press structure prevents player discomfort even after extended use.


Cherry MX Brown Switch

- Extreme long life 50 MILLION KEY PRESSES
- Actuation force: 45g
- Travel distance: 4mm to the bottom
- Pre-travel: 2mm to actuation point
- Gold plated makes the switch more durable

Individually LED Backlit

Shift carriage
Housing ( upper section )
Precision coil spring
Gold Crosspoint contact
Housing ( Lower section )

4 levels backlit lighting adjustment with breathing mode

N-Key Rollover

You can have multiple keys pressed at the same time without any interruption

Ergonomic Design

- Each key press surface has unique angle.
- Ergonomic design keyboard can minimize muscle strain and a host of related problems

Game Mode ( Windows Key Lock )

Just click the windows key lock to disable the windows key and click again to enable it.

LED indicator on the upper right corner

Multimedia Key

Quick access to your media function include mute, volume control, play / pause, and skip tracks

Braided Wire

Gold-plated USB connector with
braided cable for extremely
low interference

Gold Plated Connector

High durable and low latency compared to other normal metal plated

Anti-slip Rubber Feet

High-end double injection Anti-slip Rubber Feet
provides excellent stability


- Model Name: MSI GK-701
- Cherry MX Mechanical Brown Switch
- Dimension: 470*230*55 (mm)
- Weight: 1600g
- Standard 104 keys
- Key Profile: Standard
- Interface: Wired USB

System Requirements

- System with USB port
- Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
- Drivers and software are not required



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