Crevasse-The Mei Machine

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    Dave Cathey (InsolentGnome)
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This mod is named Crevasse.  A crevasse is basically a crevice, but in a glacier.  Crack in rock...crevice.  Crack in ice...crevasse.  It just sounds fancier, like a swan ice sculpture.  The idea for the case is to appear to be a crevasse in an ice shelf that has opened up to reveal an inner cave.  While it won't be as dramatic as it sounds, I think it should turn out pretty cool.  Get it?  Yeah, the puns will be out in force with this worklog.


You might know her...Mei-Ling Zhou, everybody's favorite climatologist from Overwatch.  I figure if anyone knows about the arctic and ice, it's Mei!  So expect to see some influences as the build goes on.