Recall Arcade with Vertical Display

The MSI Optix Gaming monitor is built to make you as comfortable as possible while gaming. Through adjustments to easily change the position of the monitor when playing the different games on Arcade Stadium, you can simulate arcade in-home with the best game experiences.

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About CAPCOM Xtension Arcade Joystick

Featuring Swana Buttons and Joysticks, USB connectivity, LED Menu buttons and Windows 10 PC XInput compatible for all 4 players.

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More Feature for Gamers

Accurate Display, Ultimate Victory

The World, Right In Front of You

Quantum Dot technology lets you experience mesmerizing images bursting with a dazzling range of over one billion colors, each upscale to incredible clarity.

See Every Moment at Its Clearest

Rapid IPS display provides gamers with an ultra-fast 1ms GTG response time. Without significantly monitor blur occurrence, it certainly give you a competitive edge in shooting game.

Customize Your Own Setting

MSI designed an exclusive Console Mode for the consoles, which can automatically accept 4K signal on QHD monitor, and support HDR simultaneously. You could enjoy each moment when gaming.

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Rating will be different by region, please according to CAPCOM official store for reference.