MSI Unveils High Performance Creator Laptops

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MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware and computing solutions, has brought its expertise in high performance products to the content creation industry. The brand’s longstanding history as a trusted leader in computing has allowed it to rewrite what it means to design laptops for creators.
The Era of Creators


MSI Set to Dominate Massive Creator Market

According to Intel, about 200 million people produce videos, images and streaming content on their devices. The rise of vloggers, YouTubers, streamers and influencers resulted in a demand for upgraded hardware and powerful tools, which were previously reserved for design professionals producing works like 2D and 3D creations or architectural designs.

Recognizing micro-trends

MSI Brings Impressive Hardware Refresh

When faced with competitors like Apples, which oftentimes take advantage of peak creator laptop purchases in the third quarter, MSI stands firm in sticking to a schedule that allows it to deliver the best products for fulfilling its users’ needs.

According to the director of MSI’s Notebook Marketing Department, Derek Chen, Apple’s MacOS systems took the world by storm, and the strong software has no doubt appealed to many loyal users. However, MSI is a leader in WindowsOS, offering better hardware refresh speeds compared to others in the market.

Notebook Marketing Department
(Derek Chen, director of MSI Notebook Marketing Department)

The rate of phasing out aged hardware is key to creators. An Intel report revealed prosumers, or design professionals, form most of the content creation market. Statistically, about 50% of them use easy-to-carry laptops to create artworks, which require more regularly updated hardware than average users. Casual hobbyists phase out aging laptops at an average of 3.6 years while prosumers abandon their tech eight months earlier. Because of this, MSI equips its products with the latest techniques and optimizes its own software to meet creators' demands, saving them time in the creation process.
Recognizing micro-trends


Turning Inconvenience into Innovation

MSI understands multi-program users look at hardware performance when shopping for their next laptop, while hobbyists often look at weight and portability. MSI’s range of content creator laptops addresses both needs to offer a robust line for all lifestyles. The Prestige line, for example, features the latest 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 processors, enhancing performance by up to 50%, helping it avoid common issues like sudden stuttering and sluggish performance while using 3D rendering software. Meanwhile it’s lightweight formfactor makes it better suited for working on the go.

Recognizing micro-trends

A laptop’s display is crucial when presenting one’s creative work. MSI’s line introduces True Pixel Display, focusing on color and image quality, while meeting the following criteria: support for 4K resolutions, a wide color space that covers 100% of the Adobe RGB spectrum, color accuracy with a Delta-E of under two (the lower the better), and exclusive per-unit factory color calibration. The True Pixel Display is also verified by CalMAN, providing spectrum coverage and color accuracy for a superior visual experience.
Recognizing micro-trends
(The Calman color calibration solutions are industry standard tools used by color professionals worldwide
to guarantee color accuracy on displays.)

MSI Set To Dominate Creator Laptop Market

MSI also continues to develop its Creator Center to enhance efficiency. Creator Center automatically optimizes multi-core processors to speed up users’ workflow while using video or editing software, which prevents lagging. The recently launched Prestige 15 is the only laptop certified by Quiet Mark, proving its dominance as a soundless, uninterrupted creation system.
Recognizing micro-trends

Appealing to creators and non-creators alike, MSI sought to learn from one stock trader’s experience with his Prestige laptop. According to the user, it’s rare to find a non-gaming laptop equipped with a high-end i9 processor, is capable of multitasking, and features a slim chassis. He added that he has yet to experience a software crash and enjoys a smoother workflow while browsing multiple trading systems, thanks to the latest 9th Gen.Intel® Core™ i9 processor.
Recognizing micro-trends

With an Oversupply of Laptops, MSI’s High-Performance Laptops Continue to Grow

In recent years, laptop brands have followed in MSI's footsteps into Esports, resulting in an even more competitive PC market. And consumers' demand for high-performance laptops is growing rapidly, as are their diverse needs. Although MSI is best known currently for its gaming and computing devices, its extensive experience in these spaces has translated to a unique approach to creative devices, backed by award-winning and reliable technology.

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