MSI X Yuumei

Thank you all for joining us in our charity collaboration with Yuumei! This charity collaboration began in July of 2020 and we were blown away by the overwhelming support. Together with Yuumei, we exceeded our donation goals and raised over $40,000 in the charity art sale. Yuumei donated to a variety of charities which you can check out in her blog, while we agreed to match her donations to three charities of her choice. In true gamer fashion, we matched her donations with $13,370 to each of these three charities Center for Biological Diversity, Rainforest Trust, and Citizens Climate Lobby.

Thanks for the support!

Meet Yuumei

Yuumei is an exceptionally talented illustrator, designer and artist that strives to bring awareness to the reality of climate change and collective consequences of pollution. Our interests aligned as Yuumei was looking to upgrade her PC and seeking more screen space and we wanted to showcase our Prestige content creation monitor (PS341WU) and desktop (P100X). We were excited when she agreed to collaborate with us on her 2020 annual charity sale. Yuumei regularly hosts an annual charity sale and as we planned our collaboration, our goal was to exceed her previous record of $15,000 in donations.

Yuumei showcasing her awesome creator setup accompanied by her two faithful dogs Luna and Nova.


We went through many ideas about what we wanted to collaborate on, but we both agreed that 2020 was a really tough year between the pandemic, politics, riots and many other tragedies. Even though the world had a grim look at the time, we wanted to have an art piece that depicted hope and to encourage us to look positively towards the future.

Yuumei definitely delivered with her art piece Envision. The original concept she shared was an artist facing a wall filled with windows. The windows showing the city outside, polluted and in chaos. The inside is lined with canvases, papers and various other things to paint on. All of those coming together to form a big picture of the city in a better state, more green and peaceful.

Yuumei - Envision

It was difficult to picture what Yuumei had in mind, but as she began to draw she amazed us even with the early drafts of her work. Each draft coming in days after the previous one, significantly more detailed and more amazing than the last. With the charity sale on the horizon, Yuumei and the designers at MSI worked hard to prepare for the launch of the charity collaboration. Though there were many challenges to the launch of the promotion but everything was able to come together the night before the sale and Yuumei"s final art piece was way beyond anything we originally expected.

Envision sketch draft
Envision second ketch draft
Envision 3d model draft
Envision early paint draft

PRestige monitor with envsion skin
We had awesome additions to the collaboration such as customizing one of our Prestige monitors with Envision.

Thank You for Your Support

To show appreciation for the overwhelming support, Yuumei has decided to share her new book Sanctuary with us to give away. We will be giving away several of her limited edition Sanctuary bundles so be sure to check out our updated promotion page for details! Again we are truly grateful for the overwhelming support that the community has shown to both MSI and Yuumei. I hope you will join us again in our charity collaboration this year as well!
MSI x Yuumei Appreciation Giveaway