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Notebook - My webcam display is upside down at 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024 resolutions?
Notebook - My webcam has no picture even after activating it on my MSI laptop?
Notebook - My battery will not charge when the battery level is lower than 8V on my FX610 (MS-16GK) notebook?
Notebook - My GX660, GT660, or GX663 (16F1) will not boot when using an Arrandale CPU and 3 sticks of RAM?
Notebook - My MSI laptop hangs on the Windows 7 loading screen when I have my SD card plugged in?
Notebook - My MSI laptop with Blu-ray and WinDVD 8 ca't play newer titles such as Avatar?
Notebook - My MSI laptop says "plugged in, not charging" when I have the laptop plugged in?
Notebook - My MSI laptop cannot detect eSATA devices?
Notebook - What do the LED indicators mean on my FX600 (MS-16G1) laptop?
Notebook - My mouse cursor moves on its own whenever I type?

[Windows 10] What should I do if the Num Lock switch on my GT80 stops working?
Please refer to the PDF file for troubleshooting....
[Windows 10] What should I do if some application can’t work properly after upgrading to Windows 10?
Please refer to the attachment file to solve application related problem....
[Windows 10] What should I do if Sound Blaster Cinema (SBC) stops working after upgrading to Windows 10?
Please refer to the PDF file for troubleshooting....
[Windows 10] What should I do if there is a warning message [Windows needs more space] showing up during Windows 10 upgrade?
You will need additional storage to complete the Windows 10 upgrade. MSI recommends user to insert a 32GB up USB flash drive or USB HDD....
[Game Master]DOTA2 Graphics Tweak Guide
Please refers to the attachment file to make DOTA2 look beautiful and play well....
[Windows 10] Why there is an error message shows "Something went wrong" when I press the Fn+F6 in the Camera App?
The Camera App can only be running when the webcam is enabled. Please close the Camera App and make sure that your webcam is enabled by pressing Fn+F6, and restart the Camera App once again....
[i-Key] i-Key User Manual and Frequently asked questions.
Please refer to the attach PDF file for i-Key user manual and related frequently asked questions....
What should I do if right-click jump list in the taskbar has illegible icons in Windows8/8.1?
Go to Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features->Installed Updates, Find the Update(KB3072318),uninstall this update, reboot the laptop and problem solved....
[Windows 10] What does the error code mean during upgrading to Windows 10 or Windows 10 installation?
Please refer to the Microsoft Website for what the error code means and how to fix it. http://windows.microsoft.com/zh-tw/windows-10/upgrade-install-errors-windows-10...
How to solve the distorted sound when using the pronounciating function of Google Translation with IE11?
Please renew Nahimic to v1.2.2 and audio driver to v6.0.1.7534....