MSI WS60 is Top 2nd place of Top 10 workstation list from

Lastest Updated: Wed, 03 Dec 2014

Frankfurt, Germany- MSI has a conveniently individual take on the topic of a mobile workstation. For an attractive price, the manufacturer dispenses with the otherwise usual business features, and concentrates on the core competencies of a workstation instead.

Features and performance are decent and can easily keep up with the sometimes considerably more expensive rivals. Apart from the mentioned performance, the matte Full HD display in particular is a good selling point. We almost could not find any problems with the panel. We also like the sufficiently sturdy and also slim case.

Everyone will like the comparatively inexpensive price of around 1,800 Euros (~$2255) at the time of the review and the long 36-month warranty period.

Not only MSI WS60, but also GT70 2OL is also the Top 3 place of workstation.