Lastest Updated: Mon, 17 Mar 2014

(Hannover, Germany)
This March, MSI has just rolled out its latest products right before the Cebit Show at Hannover Convention Center on March 9th, 2014. There were more than 50 media from worldwide to join the event. MSI proudly presented the new “GT70/GT60 2PE Dominator Pro and GT70/GT60 2PC Dominator” gaming laptops featuring NVIDIA’s latest GeForce GTX880M (Dominator Pro) and GTX870M (Dominator) graphics. In addition, the most eye-catching new product is GS series, especially the GS60 Ghost, which sports an incredible Intel core i7-4700HQ graphics, powered by Nvidia GeForce GTX860M while also featuring an exclusive Super Raid technology for a fantastic storage performance. At 19.9mm thin and weighing at just 1.9kg, the GS60 Ghost is definitely the most portable 15.6 inch gaming weapon. Another series from the gaming family line, MSI’s GE60 and GE70 Apache both boast amazing performance among the latest gaming laptops. Under the hood, both feature an Intel 4th generation Quad Core processors and Nvidia GTX 860M (Apache Pro) and GTX 850M (Apache) discrete graphics, while tipping the scales at just 2.55kgs for GE60 and at 2.85kgs for GE70, respectively. These gaming machines will meet your needs for both the lean and the mean.

MSI refined and enhanced the materials and components in making the latest gaming laptop line perform to its limit and stayed true to portability. The unique gaming-oriented features, design, record-shattering performance, and innovative gaming experience of MSI's gaming laptops are steadily winning over extreme gamers around the world!

Designed specifically with serious gamers in mind, MSI boast over 10 special features to become the benchmark for the industry in 2014. MSI continues to lead the industry in terms of system processing and performance as their gaming machines stand head and shoulders above the plethora of challengers in competitive gaming.

Eric Kuo, MSI Notebook vice president for global sales & marketing, points out, "As a result of the booming competitive gaming market, there has been an increasing number of heavy-load games, even up to 15.6” 3K monitors and higher resolution gaming experience, so gamers are demanding more in terms of graphics, functions, and other design features specifically for gamers. MSI has heard their longings and responded with numerous breakthroughs and innovations. The result has been gaming laptops with the latest processor and display card on the market, most advanced and rich array of gaming features like XSplit Gamecaster and SteelSeries Engine (SSE) on the new GT series, to create the perfect gaming experience in 2014."