MSI Released GT60 Workstation with NVIDIA Quadro K2000M

Lastest Updated: Fri, 14 Dec 2012


Precision Makes Profession

Wednesday, 12th December, MSI, Micro-star International Co., Ltd. is a company has over 26 years experience in IT industry, had launched GT60 Workstation which was developed and manufactured by MSI. MSI has strived to develop high performance gaming notebook. In the meanwhile, MSI has collaborated with professional gaming peripherals companies and launched gaming notebook G-series which is very popular between gamers. Based on the knowledge of high performance notebook and the RD and manufacturing technology MSI launched GT60 Workstation which is design for professional users like engineers, designers, scientists, and a lot more professional users; helping them achieve their ideas, creations into tangible products or virtual artworks.

Based on professionals requirements, MSI invited ISVs - TurboCAD, Reallusion to share the experience and the opinions for better combination of software and MSI GT60 Workstation and perfect the usage of MSI GT60 Workstation.


Demo the high performance and the multi-display function of MSI GT60 Workstation.

Audiences was concentrated in the seminar.


The professional speakers from Microsoft, TurboCAD, Reallusion and NVIDIA showed how GT60 Workstation perfect the software to make heavy data loading work more efficient.