MSI Launches Overclockable Bare bone PC for Gamers - MSI Nightblade

Lastest Updated: Thu, 06 Mar 2014

MSI, a leading manufacturer of gaming hardware, launches the MSI Nightblade gaming barebone PC. Sturdy, stable, and solid, the small 16 liter Nightblade is the perfect piece of gear for PC gamers who do not wish to compromise on gaming performance for a smaller form factor. The Nighblade delivers a powerful punch with features such as a MSI Gaming motherboard, 600W PSU, high speed Dragon case fan, and comes equipped with MSI's OC Genie. Even with its mini-ITX form factor, the MSI Nightblade can host an ATX size graphics card and supports usage of two SSD, a HDD, and even an optical drive bay. A solid front side handle allows gamers to easily transport the Nightblade from one LAN event to the next.

The MSI Nightblade is available worldwide beginning the second week of March 2014. It will be first displayed at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, Germany.
MSI Nightblade


Push Button Overclocking with the MSI OC Genie Button
The MSI Nightblade can be overclocked without using complicated software or having to open the entire gaming rig. With a simple push of the OC Genie button, the Nightblade's interior hardware is automatically overclocked in a matter of seconds. A red light on the chassis illuminates to indicate that the Nightblade's internal hardware is amped up in speed and performance, making games or other complicated computing tasks run even slicker than in normal mode.


Red Dragon Case Fan and Optimized Airflow
The case fan inside the MSI Nightblade is custom made for its chassis. The fan speed dynamically adjusts with the user activities. In the most extreme circumstances, the Dragon case fan can even run at a maximum of 3600RPM, much more powerful than conventional PC case fans.

With 2 internal case fans, an optional 3rd fan and four air vents, the Nightblade comes with a well organized airflow to cool all components inside the case.


ATX Graphics Support
Despite its Mini-ITX form factor, the small sized Nightblade provides enough space for a two full size slot-in graphics cards via a PCI-E 3.0x16 slot. Graphics cards up to a length of 290mm and a thickness of 35mm - such as the MSI R9 290X – will fit, making the Nightblade a vicious tool for gamers craving for amazing in-game images while exploring virtual worlds and battlefields.


Easy Assembly
With the MSI GAMING motherboard smartly placed inside the MSI Nightblade, and a PSU powerful enough to supply each component with sufficient power, the expansion options of the MSI Nightblade are almost endless. Whether a new ATX-sized graphics card or two SSDs need to be assembled, a system integrator or consumer can easily do it independently by opening the left side panel of the case. Add or remove an Optical Drive, upgrade the memory or CPU, it's all in your own hands.