Following content is suitable for upgrading RAM for MSI desktop.

What should we know before upgrading RAM?

The quantity of memory slot.

Maximum memory size whcih could be supported by motherboard.

Memory type and frequency.

Compatibility between motherboard and memory.

How to check the memory specification?

Go MSI Official WebSite to check the desktop.
Click the search icon.

upgrade ram

Type market name and press [Enter] key (e.g. NIGHTBLADE MI3 8TH).

upgrade ram

Click [Configurations] to check memory specification..

upgrade ram

Compatibility between motherboard and memory.

There may be a compatibility problem between mainboard and unauthorized memory. The unauthorized memory might cause booting failure or system alert.

MSI recommend using the memory which is fully test and authorized by MSI. To avoid that the memory can’t be used on MSI desktop and let you a bad user experience.

How to select the memory?

MSI Official WebSite → Click the search icon → type market name (e.g.: NIGHTBLADE MI3 8TH) → Select [Support] → Click [Recommend] → Check [Memory Report].

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Suggestion for memory installation.

1. To use an eraser or a piece of clean cloth to wipe the golden fingers of the memory.

2. Please make sure the recess of the memory strip is aligned with the raised portion of the memory slot. And the memory is evenly inserted into the memory slot. Then, the memory slot will catch and lock the RAM.