If your MSI laptop does not charge the battery, please confirm the external environment first. If it is confirmed that there is no abnormality in the external environment, please continue to confirm whether the machine has activated "Hybrid Power Supply Function" or "Dragon Center/Creator Center Setting".

External environment confirm:

Please check the socket, power cord and power connector first.

battery charge

Please check if the power cord is broken and replace another power outlet to confirm.

Hybrid Power Supply Function

MSI laptop design is system power supply priority: when you are running a large 3D program, the CPU and GPU are under high loading, AC power will give supply the system power priority, and stop charging the battery, when the CPU and GPU loading is reduced, the AC power will start to charge the battery again. This is normal.

Some MSI notebooks will be equipped with Hybrid Power: when the CPU and GPU are under high loading, the system will start to supply power from the battery and AC power together, so that the CPU and GPU can maintain overclocking for a long time. This feature allows users to have a better experience on some large games.

(Note): This function can be used when the battery power is higher than 30%. If it is lower than 30%, it will stop automatically. If you need to start this function again, you need charge the battery to 80% or more, or manually disconnect the AC power between 30% and 80%.

Dragon Center/ Creator Center Setting

If your MSI laptop is charging to 60% or 80% will be stop charging, please go to "Dragon Center" to check the settings.

Enter the system to open the "MSI Dragon Center" software and check the current battery setting status. If the battery is in the balance maintenance setting or the optimal maintenance setting state, please click the circle in front of the long-term use setting to set the battery setting to use.

Best for Mobility:Charge the Battery to 100% all the time.

Balance:Charge the Battery when under 70%, stop at 80%.

Best for Battery:Charge the Battery when under 50%, stop at 60%.

Dragon Center:

battery charge

Creator Center:

battery charge