Please securely retain your invoice of the product for your product warranty. All of the warranty starting date of MSI products are according to the purchase date on the invoice. (Ex. If you have purchased your product with two years of warranty on 2017/01/01, the warranty would be expired on 2019/01/01)


Remark #1: Product registration on our MSI membership site would not affect the right for claiming the product warranty.

Remark #2: Please refer to for further warranty related details.

  • To begin the process for tracking your repair status, please clickhere
  • Please sign in to access MSI membership site.
  • Click "MY PRODUCT" tab in the menu on the left to register for your products.
  • After product registration completed, click "MY WARRANTY " tab in the menu on the left to view the warranty status of your product.
  • If you are still experiencing problems please contact our customer support team.