Key Feature

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Advanced Anti-slip Coating
  • Multi-function 7 Programmable Buttons
  • Gold-plated Connector & Braided Wire
  • Exclusive Gaming Software

Ergonomic Design & Overview

Ambidextrous Shape

Gold-plated Connecntor

Braided Wire

DPI Adjustment Buttons

Ergonomic Design

  • -The advanced design of DS100 GAMING Mouse maximizes wrist comfort while hours gaming
  • - DS100 GAMING Mouse helps prevent the pain or ease repetitive motion or strain.

Advanced Coating

  • -Advanced non-slip coating helps you have best control over your mouse.

7 Programmable Buttons for Multi-function Setting

  • -Two DPI setting buttons below the wheel
  • -Two side buttons on the left side

Exclusive Gaming Software

MSI DS100 GAMING Mouse software gives you total control over the mouse.


Re-program all your buttons

  • - Media function
  • - Basic and advanced Windows function
  • - Game function like Combo Key and Fire Key
  • - Macro setting and recording

Basic, Advanced, and Media function hot key make your work more convenient.

Single/Combo Key can let you setup a hot key of single or combination from your keyboard. It is especially useful for FPS or ARPG games.

Fire Key can let you setup frequency and delay time of multi-click

Macro manager helps you recording and setting your Macros.


Setup your favorite DPI volume separately for each profile or DPI adjust button.


Adjustable Backlighting

Adjusting your backlight color from 6 colors.

Adjusting the pulling rate of your mouse.


Adjust your click speed or pointer speed for the best user experience.


All your setting can be saved into different profiles include button setting, DPI setting, and backlight setting.

There are two modes you can save for each profile and quick access to another mode by the Mode Switch Button on the bottom of the mouse.



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