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“This laptop is sturdy, performance is CRAZY for such a tiny machine!”
Ignace Aleya
Creative Director & Host
“The MSI Creator has been my go-to laptop whenever I need to edit a video project outside of the studio”
Jordy Vandeput
YouTube creator/video editor
“I’ve never had a laptop that met all my needs up until now!”
Jesús Ramirez
Digital graphics expert/ educator specializing in Adobe Photoshop
“As a fellow designer, I appreciate the thoughts and engineering that were invested in creating these machines.”
Joseph Kim
Architectural Designer/Technology Enthusiast
“The Creator laptop gives me the versatility to create anything, anywhere.”
Dansky Quote
Creative professional/YouTuber
“It’s a perfect laptop for Content Creators and YouTubers, and it included everything you need.”
Thania Gonzalez
Beauty & Fashion YouTuber
“I’ve been locked to a desk for over a decade but with MSI’s laptop I can now work from just about anywhere using my software of choice.”
Nikie Monteleone
Lead Look Development Artist
“Using MSI’s laptop gives me peace of mind and helps me create a comfortable workspace.”
VooDoo Val
Digital Artist, Ps DCC Instructor on AdobeLive