12 Days to Get LUCKY

Help Lucky unlock all the codes for these 12 Days. Each day you unlock a code, you are given the chance to win a prize for that day. If you’re stuck, click on one of the boxes below to search for a code. Happy Holidays and be sure to share the “12 Days To Get Lucky” with your friends and family.
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Multiple Ways To Enter

1. Follow or Like our official social media Here (Can only be eligible for a steam gift card)
2. Enter each unique code for each day. Here (No spaces when entering code)
3. Share to get more entries. Here (Can only be eligible for a steam gift card)

**The pictures above may not represent the actual prizes, please see Terms and Conditions for actual prize list.

Additional Prizes: Steam Cards

Additional Prizes
40 Random Winners

40 randomly selected participants who enter will receive a $20, a $50, or a $100 Steam Gift Card.

Day 1 Winner: Yang Guanting
Lucky Plushie with MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING X

Day 2 Winner: Steven Young
Lucky Plushie with MEG Z390 ACE motherboard

Day 3 Winner: Ashley Holmes
Lucky Plushie with MSI VIGOR GK80 Keyboard, CLUTCH GM70 Mouse, and IMMERSE GH50 Headset bundle together

Day 4 Winner: Robert C Montgomery
Lucky Plushie with Optix MPG27CQ

Day 5 Winner: Patrick Shepard
Lucky Plushie with MPG SEKIRA 500X Case

Day 6 Winner: Dirk Mikki
Lucky Plushie with MEG X570 GODLIKE

Day 7 Winner: Shawna Ramona
Lucky Plushie with MSI GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER GAMING X TRIO

Day 8 Winner: Min Ange
Lucky Plushie with CREATOR X299

Day 9 Winner: Zedong Yi
Lucky Plushie with CREATOR TRX40

Day 10 Winner: Kyoko Nao
Lucky Plushie with RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO

Day 11 Winner: Brook Raven
Lucky Plushie with Trident 3 9th Desktop

Day 12 Winner: Kane Ollie
Lucky Plushie with the Trident X Plus 9th Desktop