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Desktop - Mega 651 crashed after 1 hour: when removing the cover it was very hot inside. Maybe this is the reason for the crash?
Desktop - What is the highest CPU Support for Mega 865 PC (MS-6266-010)?
Desktop - What is the highest CPU Support for Mega 180 PC (MS-6265-010)?
Desktop - When the radio function is used, is it necessary to set Country code first with special software (MSI Radio) in the PC Mode. This is quite inconvenient. Is there any way to be more User-Friendly? The other problem is even we setup the country code in the beginning, the setup can not be saved if we take off the power cord?
Desktop - Why are there only 6 radio stations memory setting in Radio Mode?
Desktop - Why is there no RDS feature Mega PC Radio?
Desktop - Why does my Mega PC locks up when playing DVD Movies when using the bundled MSI MCD III software?
Desktop - When I install my MSI MCD III software onto my system, it will comes up with a Remote Procedure Call Fail message?
Desktop - Why does my Mega 651 (MS-6251) CPU Fan does not spin during initial powering up?
Desktop - Can bundled MSI PVS software for the TV@nywhere (MS-8606-040) be use with Mega 180 system MS-6265-010?
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