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Notebook - While playing games on my MSI laptop with Nvidia Optimus, it will lag after a period of time.
Notebook - My U250(1244) CPU frequency is stuck at 800mhz on battery mode?
Notebook - I cannot enable Virtualization on my GE620 (16G5) laptop?
Notebook - I cannot burn Recovery DVDs, or encounter burn failures on my A5000-025US.
Notebook - My wireless card is enabled, but I still cannot connect to any wireless networks?
Notebook - What does the "System Performance" option in the bios do on my U160 (N051)?
Notebook - My GX640 (MS-1656) goes to a black screen and hangs when I set "When I close the lid" to "Do nothing" in Windows Power Options?
Notebook - I loaded Windows 7 Ultimate on my GE620 (16G5), but Windows XP mode does not work?
Notebook - There is a delay in sound transmission for the first 5 seconds when I plug in an HDMI cable to my MSI laptop?
Notebook - How can I use my webcam on my MSI laptop?

System can’t switch to other display modes by Fn+F2 when external monitor is attached to MSI notebook.
Fn+F2 can work again if system updates EC firmware to 1775EMS1.103 or newer version....
[Game Master] Witcher 3 Graphics Tweak Guide
Please refers to the attachment file to make Witcher 3 look beautiful and play well....
How to switch Japanese input between Halfwidth and Fullwidth forms?
Please refer to the attached SOP/Manual....
After system resumes from sleep or from hibernation, screen brightness drops and won’t change back to original brightness setting automatically.
Please follow steps below to update MSI True Color software. The new version of MSI True Color has fixed the problem. 1. Remove True Color application from [Control Panel] -> [Programs and Features...
How to fix a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) as the attached picture when running STEAM games such as DOTA2/CS:GO, or using Office 2016 and virtualization software?
Please update official BIOS provided on the MSI website....
Why isn't cortana working?
Please see attached PDF file....
[Windows 10] What should I do if the SteelSeries Engine 3 stops working after performing a F3 system recovery?
Uninstall the SteelSeries Engine 3 first, and re-install it with the latest version downloaded from MSI website....
How to set the default playback device when connecting with an external monitor?
When having more than one playback device, for example connecting with an external monitor, you can choose which playback device you want to use by setting it as the default playback device in Sound s...
How to swap [Fn] and [Win] keys on MSI notebook?
Please update the llatest BIOS and EC from MSI official website first. Then, the option of [Fn/Win key swap] will appear in BIOS advanced tab. You can swap [Fn] and [Win] keys by changing this setti...
[Windows 10] What should I do if the touchpad stops working after upgrading to Windows 10?
Please refer to the PDF file for troubleshooting....